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BIOS Update for GALAX Motherboard

GALAX has provided BIOS update for the following models. The new BIOS will provide improved Fan-Stop mechanism for a better overall user experience.

Please note the BIOS update is not mandatory and your GALAX motherboard is still 100% functional without the BIOS update.

Update procedure for AMD:

1) Enter the BIOS to shutdown BIOS write protection

2) Then enter windows OS

3) Run update.bat with administrator mode

4) When the below picture shows, input E and press Enter button to continue

5) Reboot when it finishes the update process

Update procedure for Intel:

1) Enter the BIOS to shutdown BIOS write protection

2) Copy all the bios update files into your DOS USB device

3) Boot your PC into DOS, then input f.bat to initiate bios update process

4) Please wait when it is updating and do not turn off your power

5) When FPT Operation Successful shows,meaning that your bios update has completed. You can press ctrl+alt+del to reboot your system

Change Interface to English:

Bios memory setting for A320 and B450M: