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HOF AI Suite v1.0.4.0

-Added support for GeForce RTX 3090 Ti HOF

-Miscellaneous bug fixes




HOF AI Suite v1.0.3.4

-Added support for GeForce RTX 3090 HOF and GeForce RTX 3080 Ti HOF



HOF AI Suite v1.0.3.0

-Added support for GeForce RTX 3090 HOF series

-Added support for HOF Panel III

-Added OC Scanner function

-Added Advanced fan function (Custom Fan Curve)

-Added support for XT APP


Quick user guide for HOF Panel III

-There are three modes for HOF Panel III, info mode, photo mode and video mode

-When HOF AI software is not in use, the HOF Panel III will playback the intro video

-Info mode shows real time GPU info, HOF AI needs to be running in background for information update

-Photo mode, common file formats (bmp/png/jpg/jpeg) are supported, and it will be resized and convert to bmp for display in the panel

-Video mode, follow the on screen instructions

        -Common video formats are supported (avi/mpg/gif)

        -Only English file name with less than 18 characters is supported

        -It needs to be converted to special format (savi), three encoding quality (high/medium/low) can be selected

        -The conversion takes around one minute for each minute of video (e.g. a 5 min video will take 5 mins to convert), the HOF AI UI will be minimized during conversion

        -After conversion is done, it will be transferred to the HOF Panel. Again it will take some time, you can check the progress on the Panel

        -It is advised to use video less than 10mins due to conversion time and resulting file size


*Users of GeForce RTX 2080 Ti HOF, please continue to use HOF AI V1.0.1.8 for HOF Panel II support.




HOF AI Suite v1.0.1.8

-Fixed an issue where the GPU voltage could sometimes set incorrectly

-Suitable for GeForce RTX 20 Series HOF edition