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GALAX LCD Monitors Warranty Policy

The sharp detail and vivid colors from each and every GALAX LCD panel is made up of millions of tiny pixels; the very building blocks of any image you see on your display, with the ability to project billions of color variations. However, if one pixel no longer functions properly, it will become a bright/dark pixel – displaying a color that is not intended; usually contradicting with the colors around it.

Monitor Pixel Defect Warranty Policy:

  • Bright Pixel > 3 Pixels, Bright Pixels gap < L >=15mm
  • Dark Pixel > 5 Pixels

GALAX conforms to the acceptance level of up to either 3 bright pixels or 5 dark pixels. If your panel is within our acceptance level stated, you will not be eligible to claim through our warranty coverage.

Please refer to the GALAX LCD Monitor Bright/Dark Pixels Warranty Table below: 

After Purchase Bright Pixels Dark Pixels
2 Years 6 Months 1 Year (cables and bundled gifts are excluded from the warranty)

Bright / Dark Pixel Definition & Testing Conditions:

To identify non-performing pixels, the monitor shall be viewed under normal operating conditions, preferably in its native resolution, and from a normal viewing distance of at least 50 cm (16 in.). 

  • Bright Pixel: To accurately test for bright pixels, monitor must display a singular color of black imagery covering the whole resolution of the monitor.

- If a pixel appears bright/colored within this black imagery, the pixel is defined as a “bright pixel”.

Bright PixelBright Pixel

  • Dark Pixel: To accurately test for dark pixels, monitor must display a singular color of white/red/green/blue covering the whole resolution of the monitor.

- If a pixel appears black under these conditions, the pixel is defined as a “dark pixel” or a missing subpixel.

Dark PixelDark Pixel

GALAX will entertain any warranty request concerning non-performing pixels. However, it should be noted that non-performing pixels are innate within the current LCD panel manufacturing process. As such, GALAX cannot guarantee that the return unit to our customers will be 100% free of pixel defects or have fewer numbers of defects than the accepted standard of non-performing pixels as outlined before.

Warranty period Panel Parts and Accessories
 6 months  ≦3  ≦5

Warranty period may differ regionally, please check with your purchase Site and local seller.

Dead on Arrival (DOA) Period

We are offering a DOA period of 7 calendar days**, starting from the date of your purchase.

We have the right to claim the costs for any missing parts or any other Customer Induced Damage (CID) which we receive.

Warranty Exclusion for DOA/RMA:

The customer bears the cost of repair/freight for the following:

  1. Damaged parts or components not sold or manufactured by GALAX.
  2. Parts repaired or replaced by parties other than GALAX Authorized Service Centers.
  3. There is damage caused by an external electrical fault, accident, natural disaster, intentional or accidental misuse, abuse, neglect or improper maintenance, or use under abnormal conditions.
  4. There is damaged caused by improper installation or improper connection to the display device.
  5. Units purchased outside the service coverage region.

GALAX reserves the right of all final decision related to the Delivery Service and any disputes.