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1-Clip Booster 2.0 Installation Guide


1-Clip Booster 2.0 fan can be installed on the back of the PCB, creating a push-pull effect for enhanced cooling performance. Please follow the instructions below to install the fan.


Clip on fan is 22mm X 130mm in height and length, and is 193mm away measured from the graphics card bracket, please check your motherboard for compatibility before installation


Step 1

Locate the ventilation area where the fan will be installed on the back plate. Notice the size and position of the mounting holes. They are slightly different.


Step 2

Gently slide in the 1-Clip Booster 2.0 fans to one side of the mounting holes first and then the other. If installed correctly, you will hear a small click sound. The fan cable should be facing outwards.


Step 3

Plug in the fan cable to the 5-pin connector located at the edge of the heatsink cover as shown in the picture below.

To uninstall, simply reverse the directions listed above.