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Xtreme Tuner Plus Installation Tutorial


Gaming Gear Tuner Settings Tutorial



Xtreme Tuner Plus

Xtreme Tuner Plus v1.32 - fixed display issue 


Xtreme Tuner Gear

Xtreme Tuner Gear v1.2 - gaming accessories software independent on Xtreme Tuner Plus


Xtreme Tuner Plus Mobile App

If you are having connection issues, please try the following:

1) The PC and the mobile phone have to be connected to the same network, i.e. connected to the same router.

2) The App uses port 34000 for communication, please make sure the application is not blocked from Windows Defender or 3rd party firewall. You may try the following:

- Add the XtremeTuner to the Windows Defender/3rd party firewall software’s white list, so that communication will not be blocked.

- Temporarily disabling Microsoft Defender / 3rd party firewall software for testing.

3) Check if the home router has blocked the communications of port 34000.

4) Setting up a WiFi hotspot using your mobile phone, and connect the PC with it. This would clear some issue caused by home network/router settings.




Original Xtreme Tuner Plus

Without gaming gear support. Link